STK-ID 43522

MS SA/RA of adult osprey standing in nest with two young, another adult osprey entering frame top/right, wings spread, flying onto nest with trout in talon, blue sky in background. MS/MCU of adult osprey standing in nest, opening beak several times as if calling out a warning cry, possibly seeing something outside frame (blue sky in background). MS/MCU SA of "perfect" profile shot of adult osprey in nest, turning head to look into camera several times, lowering head to pick at food (obscured by nest), two young ospreys sitting in nest to left of adult (blue sky in background). MLS SA of adult osprey standing in nest atop tree, evergreen trees, mountain and sky in background. LS of same, with better perspective of osprey's immediate surroundings, including field where tree/nest is situated (first shot SCENIC, second LANDSCAPE). MCU SA of adult osprey pulling meat off dead animal (fish?), feeding it to young ospreys in nest, meat (orange-colored, probably trout) is visible as osprey tugs at it, holding it with talons, including good shot of adult pulling off large chunk of flesh and eating/swallowing it. (42091)


Excerpt from
National Geographic
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Digital Bétacam, Digital Video Disk
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Digital Betacam
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