STK-ID 43885

MS of flock of juvenile Johnny Rooks taking a dust bath. MCU of juvenile Johnny Rooks and flock of black-browed albatross, one juvenile Johnny Rook running through flock, landing near carcass of penguin, rest of flock of juvenile Johnny Rooks approaching and tearing at carcass. MLS of flock of juvenile Johnny Rooks tearing at penguin carcass, flock of albatross in background. MCU of heads of juvenile Johnny Rooks as they feed. MS of adult male Johnny Rook in flight. MCU POV of adult male Johnny Rook landing among flock of juveniles, chasing them from carcass and attacking them, juveniles scattering. MS of flock of Johnny Rooks, black-browed albatross in near background on rocks, waves and large blocky rock formations in far background. VAR MS of adult Johnny Rook fighting juveniles to chase them away from penguin carcass, they leap up and lock talons. MCU of adult Johnny Rook in flight with talons spread in front. MCU of another adult Johnny Rook joining the fight and attacking juvenile. MCU of one adult grabbing hold of a juvenile's leg with its talons, dragging it around, then letting go, juvenile lying on its back with talons up, rolling over and leaving.


Excerpt from
Falkland Islands
National Geographic
Available formats
Digital Bétacam, Digital Video Disk
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Digital Betacam
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