STK-ID 43887

LANDSCAPE WA of rocky beach, large blocky rock formations, waves smashing up against rock formations, spray flying upward, birds flying past. LANDSCAPE WA of ocean, rocky beach in foreground, waves, mist blowing above waves in near background, mountains in far background. LANDSCAPE of mountains shrouded in mist, clouds blowing over mountaintops. LANDSCAPE of water with mist swirling around and upward, mountain in background. MS of waves of ocean with mist and duck. LANDSCAPE of rocky landscape with wind-driven snow and flock of gentoo penguins walking from right side of picture to left. MS SA of seal partially hidden in mist blowing around, mouth open. MS FA of penguins on beach, mist blowing. MS of penguin. ECU SA of head of penguin in snowstorm. MS of black-browed albatross flying over waves from left side of picture to right.


Excerpt from
Falkland Islands
National Geographic
Available formats
Digital Bétacam, Digital Video Disk
Shooting format
Digital Betacam
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