STK-ID 43901

MS FA of naturalist Ian Strange walking in grassy area, placing meat, thin rope tied to it. MCU FA of Ian Strange watching in background as Johnny Rook stands by. MS of Johnny Rook at piece of meat, taking off, but one leg is snared by thin rope. MS of snared Johnny Rook flapping about. TILT UP to MS of Strange holding snared Johnny Rook. MCU of Johnny Rook being examined by Strange. ECU of talon of Johnny Rook with leg band. LA MCU of Strange talking on camera. TILT DOWN to ECU of Johnny Rook gripping Strange's hand with talon. ECU of head of Johnny Rook and naturalist Ian Strange's hand, Johnny Rook grabbing strange's hand with its beak. TILT UP to MCU of face of Strange after he frees his hand from beak of Johnny Rook. MCU head of Johnny Rook as Strange restrains it with his arm. ECU of Ian Strange's bloody finger. ECU of head of Johnny Rook. MCU FA of Strange talking to camera. slow motion MS of naturalist Ian Strange holding Johnny Rook and releasing it, bird flying off. LA MS of Johnny Rook in flight against blue sky with wispy clouds, dissolve.


Excerpt from
Falkland Islands
National Geographic
Available formats
Digital Bétacam, Digital Video Disk
Shooting format
Digital Betacam
Aspect ratio