STK-ID 44245

LS of parked car, cheetahs lounging in front of it. MS of cheetah getting up, walking away from camera. ZOOM IN to LS of reed buck standing in grass. MLS of cheetah walking forward, partly hidden by long grass. MCU of Chris Johns picking up camera. MLS of three cheetahs sitting in grass. MS of cheetah partially hidden by leaves, walking forward. Shot of the two men in car with cameras in foreground, ZOOM IN to LS of the intended prey. LS of cheetah partially hidden by leaves. LS of reed buck walking a bit forward. LS of cheetah running behind tree. LS of cheetah running as seen from moving car. HA MS of the two men in moving car. MLS of cheetah running between trees. MCU of two men in moving car. HA MCU of the two men in moving car. MCU of Chris Johns in moving car. MS MLS and CU of cheetah strangling reed buck (three shots). MLS of cheetah letting go of reed buck, standing up and looking around. MCU of Johns talking to camera in car. MCU of cheetah looking around, TILT DOWN to dead reed buck. CU, ZOOM OUT to HA LS of cheetah calling her cubs. MLS of cheetah cubs walking toward camera. Several shots of cubs eating their prey, HA CU, MS PAN to man taking pictures, HA MCU with leaves in foreground, MLS with man in foreground. PAN from Chris Johns taking pictures to CU of reed buck's intestines as cheetahs eat. MLS of cheetah eating reed buck, man taking pictures in foreground. CU blood on face of cheetah cub, cub begining to eat again. CU of face of reed buck, PAN to CU of cheetahs eating it. MCU of cheetahs eating prey, cheetah cub walking near by. CU of cheetah with blood on its face, sharpening its teeth on branch. (716)


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National Geographic
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Digital Betacam
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