STK-ID 45675

MS of rat snake moving through limbs of tree, lubber clinging to limb in front of snake; TILT DOWN and ZOOM OUT to show movement of snake; clear and blue sky in background; leafless tree; exposure seems to change for a moment during shot; a quick, jerky ZOOM IN and ZOOM OUT showing all of snake and more of tree; grass in background also becoming visible. MS of rat snake extending from tree limb, lubber riding on snake; rat snake stretching itself to adjacent tree, lubber remaining on snake as snake moves onto next tree; PAN RIGHT and ZOOM OUT to FOLLOW snake's movement; ZOOM OUT to MLS showing snake's body actually stretched across several trees, grass below and in background; clear blue sky visible; ZOOM IN to MCU of snake with lubber on it seen through branches, clear blue sky in background. MS of rat snake moving into frame from right toward branch on which lubber clings; snake moving onto branch lowering toward ground; TILT DOWN to FOLLOW snake as it lowers toward ground; a couple of lubbers clinging to blades of sawgrass; sawgrass visible in background. Shot of rat snake lowering itself toward ground from tree branches, lubber clinging to and moving around on blade of sawgrass in foreground, sawgrass in background. (41466)


Excerpt from
National Geographic
Available formats
Digital Video Disk, Digital Bétacam
Shooting format
Digital Betacam
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