STK-ID 46386

MS of red-eyed tree frog sitting on edge of green leaf and looking at camera. Two MCU of frog climbing up stem, leaping at end. MCU of frog landing on wide, green leaf. LA MCU (from underside of leaf) of frog sitting on leaf, in silhouette. CU of head of frog, frog walking. LA MCU (from underside leaf) of red-eyed tree frog approaching and climbing on top of another frog as it sits, silhouetted on leaf. CU of frogs mating. VAR (including CU/MCU) of female frog climbing over leaves, carrying male on her back. CU of female red-eyed tree frog's posterior as she lays eggs on leaf. CU of mating pair of frogs. CU/MCU of mating pair, egg sacs behind frogs. TIME-LAPSE CU of frog's eggs developping into tadpoles. MCU/MS of vine snake crawling up tree and across leaves. Several CU of tadpole embryos squirming in eggs. MCU of snake crawling in leaves and over branches. CU of embryo in egg. (292)


Excerpt from
National Geographic
Available formats
Digital Video Disk, Digital Bétacam
Shooting format
Digital Betacam
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