STK-ID 46395

Two MCU of butterflies alighting on flower and taking off from leaf. MCU of Phil Devries standing in forest and looking. MCU of black and white butterfly eating from white flower. MS of Devries standing with insect net, walking. MCU of butterfly eating from white flower and flying away. MS of Phil Devries walking through forest, stopping and looking at plant. HA MCU PAN of croton plant. MCU of shadow of ant on leaf, ant moving. MCU/CU of ants eating sugar secretions on croton plant. MCU of grasshopper crawling on leaf. Various MCU/CU of ant defending croton plant from grasshoppers and from yellow and black caterpillar (ant dragging caterpillar off leaf). MCU of Phil Devries talking and looking at plant. LA MCU (from under leaf) of butterfly caterpillar (riodnid "singing" caterpillar) eating croton leaf. MCU of ant crawling on caterpillar. CU of ant eating sugar secretions protruding from skin of butterfly caterpillar. Various MCU/CU of ants feeding from sugar secretions of caterpillars. MCU of Phil Devries looking at plant and talking. MCU of ants riding on back of butterfly caterpillar and following it as it climbs stem of croton plant. MCU of Phil Devries talking. (292)


Excerpt from
National Geographic
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Digital Video Disk, Digital Bétacam
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Digital Betacam
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