STK-ID 46545

LS of snow-covered hills. LS of puma cubs running in snow, playing. LS of puma cubs running l-r through snow. LS of cubs running l-r through snow, one pausing and looking at camera before going on. Penny (puma) and cubs stopping, looking out into the distance. LS of guanaco herd in large open field. MS of guanacos grazing. CU of guanaco eating vegetation half buried in snow. LS of Penny (puma) leaving cub standing alone on top of snowy hill. Penny (puma) walking down snowy hill away from camera. MS of guanaco herd milling about. LS of Penny (puma) walking l-r, disappearing behind snow. CU of guanaco looking. LS of Penny (puma) walking l-r, stalking. MS of guanacos grazing. LS of guanacos grazing, turning and looking. Portrait CU of guanaco. MS of Penny (puma) sitting and looking around. ZOOM IN to top of mountain revealing another puma and her three cubs. LS of the four new pumas laying on top of hill. LS of Hugh Miles walking up hill l-r, carrying equipment. LS of other female puma walking l-r behind snow bank. CU of Hugh Miles sitting down and looking through binoculars. MS of new female puma looking at camera. CU of Hugh Miles. MS of new female puma walking l-r, looking at camera. LS of Penny (puma) and her cubs looking at strange cat. LS of new female puma walking behind rock. LS of puma cubs playing then walking r-l following Penny. (295)


Excerpt from
National Geographic
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Digital Video Disk, Digital Bétacam
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Digital Betacam
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