STK-ID 46558

ESTABLISHING LA of blue sky, clouds showing through gap in rain forest canopy. LA of tree trunk. MS of fallen tree trunk with leaves. CU of green tendril of vine (PAN LEFT) curling around green stem. MS of tendrils of vine around leaf. LA/MS of acacia plant. MS of vine tendril intruding on acacia plant. MS/MCU of lone acacia ant trying to free acacia leaf from vine. LA/MS of acacia ant crawling on vine. MCU CU of acacia ant chewing on vine. MS of vine dropping. Colourful blue and orange grasshopper crawling on acacia leaf. MS of acacia ant on acacia leaf. CU of colourful blue and orange grasshopper on acacia leaf with ant. CU of acacia ants. MS of ants attacking grasshopper. CU of acacia ant attacking grasshopper leg. MLS of ants attacking grasshopper hopping away. MCU of acacia ants crawling on acacia leaf. CU of acacia ants eating nectar from nodes in leaf stem. MS/MCU of acacia ants on acacia plants. PAN LEFT of beltain bodies (orange) growing at tips of leaf. CU of orange beltain bodies. MCU/CU of acacia ants removing beltain from leaf tips. ECU of ant holding beltain body. MLS, ZOOM IN to MCU/CU of acacia ant carrying beltain body to nest opening in acacia thorn and entering. Interior of acacia ant nest. PAN DOWN to MCU/CU/ECU of ants tending white larvae in nest. (79)


Excerpt from
Costa Rica
National Geographic
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Digital Video Disk, Digital Bétacam
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Digital Betacam
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