STK-ID 47119

VAR TRACKING MS of old stump-tailed bonnet macaque with crippled hands moving around Hindu temple complex, jumping, climbing, resting frequently; adult macaque striding into frame from left along temple wall, FOLLOW as it passes to join macaque descending tall pole in background (two similar takes). LA MS of macaque climbing temple exterior, moving fast (series of brief shots). MS of macaques sitting on temple structure, small skirmish breaking out, one is chased off perch, fat macaque in background scratching (brief shots). VAR TRACKING LA MS/MLS of bonnet macaques on temple exterior chattering teeth, flicking tails, elderly macaque moving away, macaques posturing and lunging at each other from a distance. Various MS MCU of bonnet macaques at Hindu temple complex grooming, having minor skirmish, one macaque rolling over to reveal nursing baby, pink arm and hand clinging to mother's fur; adult macaque pulling baby by legs to clean baby's bottom by licking it, baby resists leaving teat. LA MS of macaques sitting on ornate perches on temple exterior (including dusk shot, macaques hard to see). (42107)


Excerpt from
National Geographic
Available formats
Digital Bétacam, Digital Video Disk
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Digital Betacam
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