STK-ID 50437

Visual of Pristina; MSs of PLK (political party) posters covering wall, pedestrians walking by, walking shot along wall (0:46). CS of UNMIK sign with traffic on downtown street (0:22). MS of men walking out of mosque (0:23). HAMLS of boys playing soccer in town square (0:18). MS of KFOR truck in street (0:12). MLS of mosque, TILT UP to LAMLS of minaret (3 shots; 1:09). MS of Kosovo flags and portrait of hero on balcony (0:12). MS of small crowd in front of UN Detainees and Missing Persons Bureau (0:18). MLS of bank building on street corner with traffic in foreground (0:18). MS through barbed wires of sculpture in square with minaret in background (0:05) LAMLS of Grand Hotel Prishtina (0:06). MCS of statue of war hero in square, CU of inscription, LASs of statue (1:31). Another brief LAS of Hotel Prishtina (0:05).


Excerpt from
Kosovo: Fragile Peace
National Film Board
Available formats
DVCPRO25, Digital Video Disk
Shooting format
Betacam SP
Aspect ratio
Available resolutions
720 x 486