STK-ID 5089

[Remark: the Northern barrens were fist invaded in March and April of 1929 when Stan McMillan and Donald Sutton used ski-equipped Fairchild aircrafts, owned by Dominion Explorers. One of the aircrafts, CF-AA0 was first in Canada to be equipped with two way radio. The passengers included Colonel MacAlpine, President of Dominion Explorers, Alex Milne, engineer, JC Rogers, geologist, Monty Priske, wireless operator and cameraman Stanley Edward Harrison.] Shots of pilot getting out of Fairchild monoplane at Lac Du Bonnett, Manitoba, ski-equipped planes on lake, men entering cabin where they will spend the night before going on to Norway House. Shot of men leaving lake where planes are moored. Shots of CF-AAN being towed by tractor. Shot of Colonel DH MacAlpine walking with haversack on his back, Alex Milne and Richard Pearce pushing Fairchild CF-AA0 in background. Shot of men examining Arctic parkas and gloves they will wear in barrens. Shot of crew examining sun compass. Shots of supplies being readied for loading on Fairchild, CF-AAN plane being gassed up. CS of boxes of food stuff. CU of ski on Fairchild. Shot of cameraman Edward Harrison beside his camera. LS of CF-AA0 taxiing on ice. (00/03/1929)


Excerpt from
Canadian News Stories 1920's
Northern Manitoba
National Film Board
Available formats
Video HI 8, Reel 35 mm
Shooting format
35mm eastman color neg, 35mm fine grain b&w
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