Allies win both banks of the Schelde (00/00/1944): shots of water on the Schelde Canal, landing barge sailing past, as seen from another landing barge. Amphibious trucks drive on beach as soldiers sit on ground beside a line of jeeps. LS of smoke from explosions in the distance. British soldier aims Bren gun over the edge of the trench. MCS of damaged bridge - soldiers crawling on the opposite bank. Shots of amphibious trucks crossing the Schelde Canal. Shot of street with debris and sign "Tilbourg" - soldiers run across the street. Shots of Dutch children welcoming soldiers marching along the road. Tanks drive along railway track. British paratroopers spring up and charge across the track. Several shots of British soldiers lying on the ground, crossing the river, firing rifles, running in the streets. Shots of tanks, smoke from shelling. Shots of British soldiers in combat. Views of battleground near 's Hertogenbosch, fires in the city. HAS of column of German prisoners of war, Red Cross ambulances on the road, woman refugee with household goods beside the road.


Excerpt from
Actualités olympiques no 209
's Hertogenbosch, Scheldt River
National Film Board
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