STK-ID 51780

HAMLS of slums in desert on outskirts of city, MWS of slums, a bus comes into view driving on dirt road, WSs, PAN of slums (1:36). HAMS of man taking water from 45-gallon drum, follow as he walks over to his modest dwelling (0:21). HAMWS of slums, TILT DOWN to MLS of bus that carries workers to maquiladora plants driving on dirt road (0:35). LALS of white cross on summit of bare mountain peak, with street sign on cement post in foreground (0:15). WS, PAN RIGHT of slums at foot of jagged, barren mountains and mesas (0:43). WS, MWS of slums on hillsides on outskirts of city with railway tracks in foreground, FOLLOW MLS of freight train moving from right to left, ZOOM OUT to include section on sturdy border fence, MWS of container cars moving by (1:02).


Excerpt from
Les oubliés du XXIe siècle ou la fin du travail
Ciudad Juarez (Mexico)
National Film Board
Available formats
DVCPRO25, Digital Video Disk
Shooting format
Aspect ratio
Available resolutions
720 x 486