STK-ID 51790

Visual of New Waterford; MWS of cliffs on coast, PAN LEFT of ocean to LS of bluff (1:00). FOLLOW HAMLS of gull skimming surface of ocean, setting down on rocks (0:26). MWS of houses across bay, PAN LEFT to WS of bluff, reverse shot (0:54). MLS, LS of boys walking on rocks on coast (0:43). MLS, MS of clothesline in backyard of houses (0:27). MLS of boy standing on edge of eroded cliff, MS PAN along rock face to edge of bluff (0:54). HAMLS of two mothers with their children on pebbled beach HAS of small waves lapping beach (0:36). MWS across bay of houses on peninsula with three boys on plateau in foreground (0:33). WS of bay (0:13). MWS of wharf and port installations in late afternoon sunlight, LS of silhouettes of fishing boat leaving harbour, crossing golden sun streak, shot of sailboat following (1:00).


Excerpt from
Les oubliés du XXIe siècle ou la fin du travail
New Waterford
National Film Board
Available formats
DVCPRO25, Digital Video Disk
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720 x 486