STK-ID 51860

Visual of largest raised peat bog on west coast, Delta's Burns Bog. MLS of power shovel excavating earth and roots on fringe of bog (0:29). AERIAL SHOTS over bog, peat mining in the 1940s has gouged huge holes and drainage ditches in the heart of the bog, shots over quarry and highway 91 (1:01). MWSs of bog with pond lined with sphagnum moss in foreground and snow-clad mountain in the distance (0:36). CS of lily pads in still pond (0:05). MLS of cotton grass in bog (0:06). MWS of heart of the bog shrouded in fog (0:07). CS of plant covered with cobwebs, MSs of dwarf pines with many branches covered with cobwebs (0:47). MLS of sphagnum moss in heart of bog (0:09). MWSs of effects of peat mining in large areas of bog (0:54). MLS of two sandhill cranes in tall grass with snow-clad mountain in background (0:11). MLS of trees on edge of bog with city in the distance (0:06). MLSs of cotton grass swaying in the wind, MCS of dwarf pine, shots of sphagnum moss in waterlogged area (0:39). MSs of late afternoon sunlight in trees in edge of bog (0:38).


Excerpt from
Burns Bog - A Road Runs Through It
Vancouver (city)
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm, Digital Bétacam, Digital Video Disk
Shooting format
16mm eastman color neg, Digital Betacam
Aspect ratio
Available resolutions
720 x 486