STK-ID 52021

LS of UN Secretariat building seen from street lined with buildings a few blocks away with traffic passing by camera, slow ZOOM IN to MLS, reverse shots (1:19). LAS of Chrysler Building lit by late afternoon sunlight (2:21). Nice MS of UN flag floating at top of flag post lit by late afternoon sunlight, ZOOM OUT to MS of silhouette of spherical artwork in public park adjacent to UN complex, reverse shot (0:51). LAMLS, PAN of façade of nearby building to MLS of sun setting behind spherical artwork, reverse shot (2 shots; 0:46). MS of men raising display of flags in front of UN building, ZOOM OUT to MCS of sculpture in square, more shots of team of guards raising flags of member states, LASs of flags (10:07). LALS of top of Chrysler Building in bright sunlight seen from UN complex (0:31). MWS of display of flags with General Assembly building in background, PAN to backlit MS of façade of Secretariat building (0:30). LAMLS of display of flags with Secretariat in background, TILT UP to LAS of building, reverse shot (0:29). MS, PAN LEFT of display of flags (0:41). CS of trigger of sculpture representing a gun with a knotted nozzle for non-violence displayed in park, ZOOM OUT to MS, MS of flags, ZOOM OUT to MS of sculpture (3 shots;1:37).


Excerpt from
The Peacekeepers
New York (city)
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