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Series of shots of UN activities at Bunia airport. Shot of UN MI-8MTV-1 helicopter taxiing towards runway (0:53). Shots of Ugandan soldiers carrying mortar shells and wood crates of guns and ammunition from a building to plane, shot of UN C-130 taxiing to parking area with open cargo bay, shots of armed contingent of Uruguayan peacekeepers stepping off plane and lining up beside plane, commander giving instructions, while soldiers keep piling up shells, peacekeepers picking up their gear and marching away, climbing into back of UN trucks, CS of Ugandan soldier manning machine gun mounted on pickup truck (14:26). Shot of peacekeepers ready for departure receiving instructions, shots of activity near aircrafts (2:39). Shots of private jet arriving, of delegation stepping off, shot of peacekeepers climbing into back of UN truck, shots of VIPs being greeted, of convoy getting organized and driving away at dusk (8:36). Shots of departing Uruguayan contingent waiting for transport, ZOOM OUT to shot of men unloading bags from plane (1:29). MS of MI helicopter in parking area at dusk, PAN to shot of silhouette of a group of Ugandan soldiers standing on knoll. PAN SHOTs of silhouette of thatched roofed hut housing militia soldiers in field on fringe of airport (2:10). Shots of men moving about, carrying crates, shot of helicopter starting up, shot of silhouette of men and satellite tower and activities near aircrafts (3:33). Early morning shots of satellite tower, militia men leaving huts heading for breakfast, shot of pickup truck with a machine gun mounted on it moving into position, shots of activity near aircrafts (4:12).


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The Peacekeepers
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