STK-ID 52346

BOATING SHOTS of Canada geese along weedy concrete embankment on lakeshore of country park, includes CSs of geese walking and running along top of embankment and woman and children feeding geese (3:52). FOLLOW MLS of small sailboat tacking by embankment with geese on it (1:14). Interview with resident aboard his sailboat, he discusses how the numbers of geese have driven other birds, culling and the return of indigenous species, how geese do not get on with the other species, geese as parents, predators and geese personalities (6:42). MS of geese in water near tall grass at water's edge (0:25). BOATING SHOT along embankment covered with white flower, Queen Anne's lace (0:15). CSs of geese swimming, feeding in water (0:45). Various shots of two men sailing on lake in small sailboat, passing near geese (5:21). HAMSs of geese swimming, feeding in water (0:45). MS of two ladies (one elderly) chatting on park bench, CS of elderly man asleep in parked Fiat car, UK licence plate (0:32). MSs CSs of geese feeding in shallows (bottoms up), including CU of goslings eating grass, ZOOM OUT to CS of parents nearby (1:10). Ground level shots of geese on embankment, entering water (1:26). CSs of women and child feeding geese (2:06).


Excerpt from
Wild Goose Chase
London (England)
Wild Goose Chase
Available formats
Digital Bétacam, Digital Video Disk
Shooting format
16mm eastman color neg, Digital Betacam
Aspect ratio
Available resolutions
720 x 486