STK-ID 52415

FOLLOW MLS of farmer in his tractor driving out to pasture with cattle following (0:24). MS of calf suckling cow, CS of cow vocalizing (0:37). Shots of farmer and cattle going through gate of fence, entering pasture, shots of farmer pouring grain on ground, CU of bull feeding (1:39). CS of a few horses and a foal in pasture, MLSs of cattle and horses in pasture (1:50). CSs of cow tending young calf, CUs of calf suckling (2:15). Scenic MLS of two horses with two foals grazing in pasture with farmlands in background, mountains are visible in the distance (0:30). MWS of farm buildings with white clouds in sky overhead, PAN right of green pastures, ZOOM IN to MLS of horse and foal trotting in pasture (1:22).


Excerpt from
Worst Case Scenario
Rocky Mountain House
National Film Board
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Shooting format
Betacam SP
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720 x 486