STK-ID 52429

MS of pipeline relay station (Rangeland pipeline) inside small fenced area in pasture, CSs of pipes coming out of ground and valves (1:25). MLSs of Amoco pipeline station and fuel storage tanks with farmland in foreground (0:42). LS of nodding donkey pump in field between two high voltage power transmission towers, MS of pump (0:37). LS of another pump in field with round bales of hay in background (0:20). LSs of farmers harvesting grain passing by donkey pump (1:33). LS of fenced relay station in field with cattle in background, MLS of cattle grazing PAN to MS relay station (2 shots; 1:12). MLS, MS of fuel storage tank and pipeline installations in field, two horses are grazing nearby, LS of same with tall grass in foreground, MS of pipes in tall grass, LS looking down road, PAN LEFT to MWS of installations in field (1:45).


Excerpt from
Worst Case Scenario
National Film Board
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Betacam SP
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720 x 486