STK-ID 52441

Scenic shots in Rocky Mountain House area. Late afternoon MLS of cattle huddled together near treeline at end of pasture covered with thin layer of snow (0:09). LS of gas compressor station at end of field (0:10). LS of sun rising behind treeline (0:15). MS of round bales of hay topped with snow, more are visible in the distance, shots of cattle in pasture, ZOOM OUT to shots of bales of hay (0:48). MLS of farm buildings (0:20). MS of row of bales of hay in snowy field with gas installations in background (0:18). MLS of pasture with bales in foreground (0:10). WS of sun setting being treeline in the distance with thin clouds stretching out in sky (0:35). MS of nodding donkey pump in pasture, with round bales of hay stacked in shed in background, MLS of shed, ZOOM OUT to MS of pump (0:50). CS of tall grass in thin layer of snow, MS of cattle grazing in pasture, MWS of same with pale sun filtering through altocumulus clouds, LAS of sun and clouds (1:08).


Excerpt from
Worst Case Scenario
Rocky Mountain House
National Film Board
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Shooting format
Betacam SP
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720 x 486