STK-ID 52442

Scenic shots in Rocky Mountain House area. MWS of snow covered field with altocumulus clouds stretching out in blue sky (0:03). CU of frost on barbed wire fence, PULL FOCUS to MWS of pasture (0:25). CU of tall grass bending with the weight of frost covering it, PULL FOCUS to CS of frosted tall grass (0:38). MWS of snow-covered field with barbed wire fence in foreground (0:14). LS of farm buildings, ZOOM IN to MLS of small herd of cattle in pasture (0:23). MLSs of calm bend in Clearwater River with snow and ice on riverbank in foreground (0:38). MS of conifer trees on riverbank, TILT DOWN to shot of river, erosion is visible, MCS of water flowing between patches of ice, ZOOM OUT to MLS (0:42). Various shots of farm buildings, in snowfall, shots of sheep sheltered under lean-to (1:28). HASs of Clearwater River in snowfall (1:20). MWS, MSs of round bales of hay in field in snowfall (1:06).


Excerpt from
Worst Case Scenario
Rocky Mountain House
National Film Board
Available formats
Shooting format
Betacam SP
Aspect ratio
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720 x 486