STK-ID 52443

Shots of operator inside control room of natural gas drilling rig, shots of his hands pushing buttons and levers, shots through dirty window of drill pipes rotating, CUs of dials (1:30). LASs of derrick, TILT DOWN to CSs of drill pipe rotating in main well head, of pipes coming out of hole (2:14). MSs of operator inside control room (0:27). CS of men checking new drill bit (0:27). LAS of derrick (0:10). MS of power generator, a technician comes into view and checks oil (0:32). Shots of pipes and valves under rig, CS of man opening valve (1:27). LAS of derrick (0:03).


Excerpt from
Worst Case Scenario
National Film Board
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Shooting format
Betacam SP
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720 x 486