STK-ID 52523

WS of Manhattan seen top floor of World Trade Center looking north, MWS of Empire State building, ZOOM OUT to WS of skyline (1:00). HALS, PAN LEFT of high-rise buildings (0:25). HALSs of silhouette of Statue of Liberty in golden late afternoon sunlight, WS of Upper Bay (1:49). WS of smoke rising from smokestacks in industrial sector at dusk (0:19). WS of Upper Bay and Staten Island (0:18). WS of Manhattan seen from top floor of WTC looking north (0:13). MLS of East Tower, PAN RIGHT to WS of city with Empire State Building in center frame (0:20). MWS, PAN across skyline from Hudson River to East River (0:33). LS of Chrysler Building, ZOOM OUT to WS of city (0:42). HAMWS of Brooklyn Bridge, HAMLS of traffic on bridge (0:38). WSs of Manhattan north of WTC in late afternoon sunlight (2:22). WSs looking East with river in foreground (0:32). WSs of city with Empire State Building in center frame, a rainbow above city is visible (1:35). PM GRAND-ANGULAIRE of Hudson River (0:17). HALS of Statue of Liberty (0:16). PM GRAND-ANGULAIRE of sun setting behind clouds (2:34). WS of Upper Bay and Statue of Liberty at sunset (0:22). WS of city at night (0:08).


Excerpt from
Quelques raisons d'espérer
Staten Island, Hudson River
National Film Board
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Digital Video Disk, DVCPRO50
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720 x 480