STK-ID 52543

Visual of the Jardins des Plantes. MWS of people walking down alleys of esplanade lined with manicured lawns and flowerbeds with building, the Grande Galerie, in background (0:13). MLS of path lined by two rows of platanus trees leading to Galerie, ZOOM OUT to MWS of neatly trimmed trees, LAMS of leafless platanus trees, ZOOM IN to MS of dome of Palace, reverse shots, various shots of trees, new leaves are visible, shots of people walking down long alley towards palace (6:03). LS of lifelike statue of mammoth in front of McDonald¿s restaurant in Place Valhubert across street with another animal in foreground (0:12). MS of man mowing lawn under cherry tree in bloom (0:30). Shot of painting of Jardins des Fleurs, PAN to MWS of esplanade with Galerie building in background, reverse shots (1:13). MWSs of esplanade with Galerie building in background, a large cherry tree in bloom is visible on right (2:15). LAMSs of bronze statue of Jean-Baptiste Lamark (0:25). LA circular PAN SHOTS of large Lebanese cedar tree (1:20). MS of man picking up garbage on lawn, PAN to MSs of magnificent cherry tree in bloom in esplanade (0:53). CUs of beautiful pansies in flowerbed (0:58).


Excerpt from
Quelques raisons d'espérer
Paris (France)
National Film Board
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DVCPRO50, Digital Video Disk
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720 x 480