STK-ID 52546

HAWS, PAN of town of Sintra seen from ruins of Castelo Del Mouros (0:25). HAMLS of stone wall surrounding castle, PAN LEFT to LSs of Pena Palace on nearby mountain peak, reverse shot, LAMLS, MSs of stone wall and towers, a few visitors are visible on parapet walk (2:34). POVSs through crenels of machicolation of town of Sintra at foot of mountain (0:38). MLS, LS of National Palace with its twin chimneys (0:34). TILT DOWN along mountainside to MWS of cluster of white houses on mountainside, HAWS of little cove with a golden sand beach, PAN to MWS of houses, MS of lush greenery on mountainside, PAN RIGHT to MS of houses, HSMLS of planted trees on terrace, ZOOM OUT to MWS of cluster of houses, MS of man tending trees, MS of mountainside, PAN RIGHT to HALS of beach (2:18). MLS of domed roof of building surrounded with trees (0:12). MS, PAN of trees swaying in the wind, MS of trees with stone parapet in foreground (0:41). CU of cluster of blue flowers (0:13).


Excerpt from
Quelques raisons d'espérer
National Film Board
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DVCPRO50, Digital Video Disk
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720 x 480