STK-ID 52553

MLS of corn field near Mirabel airport (0:16). LS of control tower with cultivated fields in foreground (0:18). WS of vast fields (1:36). LAS of gray sky, a Lockheed L1011 jet liner comes into view from left and exits right (2 shots; 0:24). MWS of cultivated fields Lockheed L1011 flies into view, FOLLOW MLS of it landing (0:20). MS, CS of field, LAS of grey clouds in sky, MWSs of fields, MLS of country road and fields (2:02). Follow LS of small plane taking off (1:03). FOLLOW MLS of jet airplane landing (0:38). LS, MLS of control tower (0:43). LSs, MLSs, MSs of passenger transfer vehicles docked to terminal (2:11). MLSs, MSs of Lockheed L1011 (Air Transat) being towed by Mule utility vehicle to parking area (4:14). FOLLOW MSs of Boeing 737 (Canada 3000) taxiing to runway (1:30). MLS back view of jet liner landing on runway, 2 shots, LALS of plane approaching (2:16).


Excerpt from
Quelques raisons d'espérer
Quebec (province)
National Film Board
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DVCPRO50, Digital Video Disk
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720 x 480