STK-ID 52588

Scenic shots of Cape Breton Island. WS, PANS across bay of low forested mountains, a few farmhouses are visible on hilltops in foreground (1:29). MLS of Margaree Harbour Bridge, PAN LEFT to MS of The Hungry Piper Restaurant, a few tourists are taking pictures, reverse shot (2:14). LSs of small fishing boats at wharf, MSs of gulls perched on roof of abandoned building, PAN of surrounding mountain landscape with low clouds overhead (1:22). MLS across bay of a few houses on waterfront, PAN RIGHT to LS of harbour (1:12). MLS, PAN of mountaintops shrouded by low clouds (0:42). MLS of abandoned building, MSs of gulls on roof, they are all facing the wind (0:58). MLS of cows lying down in pasture on hillside, with small house in background (1:08). MSs of a few cormorants on end of stone causeway, MLS of break water (1:48). MLS of eroded coastline (0:58). FOLLOW SHOT of fishing boat entering harbour and docking to wharf (3:07). WS of Margaree Harbour Bridge and surrounding landscape, MLS of houses along route 219, another WS of bridge, FOLLOW MLS of recreational vehicle crossing bridge, MLS of route 219 before bridge (0:46. MWS of bridge in rainfall, PAN RIGHT to WS of route 219 crossing small town on hillside, MWS of town, FOLLOW MLS of bus crossing bridge, driving up hill on other side and driving by camera, TILT UP and PAN back to MWS of town in rainfall (3:00).


Excerpt from
Tableaux d'un voyage imaginaire
Cape Breton Island
National Film Board
Available formats
DVCPRO25, Digital Video Disk
Shooting format
Aspect ratio
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720 x 486