STK-ID 52600

LSs, MLSs of green light of Peggy¿s Cove lighthouse shrouded in fog at dusk (4:02). Scenic shots of fishing boats in sheltered little harbour, docked to weatherworn fishing sheds and wharves (2:05). MLS of trim houses along road, a tour bus comes into view, taking a curve and driving by camera, MLSs of tour buses driving through village, heading towards lighthouse (4:01). LS of lighthouse shrouded in dense fog, people are visible on rocks (0:50). WS of Lighthouse Point seen from the Whalesback, PAN SHOT of ocean to MLS of Swissair Flight 111 Memorial on promontory, people are visiting site (2 shot; 3:22). Several shots of tourists visiting Memorial, MS of Japanese couple posing by granite slab with inscription, a few shots of Memorial with nobody around, shots of tourists taking pictures (9:52). CUs of specific words of inscription in French and English (8:14). MWSs of lighthouse and visitors center, MLS of many parked cars and tour buses in parking lot (2:06). WS of ocean, MS of visitors sitting on rocks looking at ocean, MWS, MLS of people visiting site, walking on bare rocks near lighthouse, CS of water puddle in rocks, PAN to MWS of site (4:25).


Excerpt from
Tableaux d'un voyage imaginaire
Atlantic Ocean, Peggys Cove
National Film Board
Available formats
DVCPRO25, Digital Video Disk
Shooting format
Aspect ratio
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720 x 486