STK-ID 52603

Visual of the Hopewell Rocks Park on a clear summer day. MS of visitors on lookout of Hopewell Rocks, PAN LEFT to HAMWS of Flower Pot Rocks at low tide, people are visible at foot of rock pillars (1:32). Shots of bus load of Japanese tourists arriving at visitors center, hand held FOLLOW SHOT of whole group walking over to lookout and taking stairs down to shore, HASs of group on shore, ZOOM OUT to MWSs of site seen from lookout, various shots of tourists taking pictures at foot of rock pillars (9:58). LSs of people walking along shore to explore caves and crevices in cliffs, 360 degrees PAN SHOT of site, MLSs of visitors exploring cliffs (4:02). Ws of ocean with a few visitors on shore in foreground (1:14). Various shots of people visiting site, shots of Japanese tourists posing at foot of Flower Pot Rocks, LAS of people on lookout, using stairs, MLSs of rock pillars at low tide (5:38).


Excerpt from
Tableaux d'un voyage imaginaire
New Brunswick, Atlantic Ocean
National Film Board
Available formats
DVCPRO25, Digital Video Disk
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720 x 486