STK-ID 52732

CS of signs hung to chain link fence at entrance of Red Cross Lopiding Surgical Hospital, including NO WEAPON sign, LAS of Red Cross flag, TILT DOWN to MS of men chatting in doorway, MS of high stone wall topped with barbed wire, CU of wire (2:25). MLS of Red Cross ambulance driving towards compound, crossing dried up riverbed a few days after flash flood, FOLLOW as it goes through gate, MS of African child on bench near high stone wall, MLS of Red Cross vehicle leaving compound, crossing riverbed and driving away (2:26). MLS of four women wearing tribal clothes carrying loads on their heads walking on road, shots of people walking on road (1:21). MS of guard (women) opening hospital¿s gate for ambulance, FOLLOW of it driving away, CUs of gate opening and closing (2:54). Various shots of workers and convalescent patients cleaning grounds outside hospital buildings and cleaning concrete ditch (4:40). Various shots of activities inside tent ward, people making up beds, food being distributed, shots of child playing with ball (4:23). CS of two women on bed knitting (0:32).


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War Hospital
National Film Board
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HDCAM SR, Digital Video Disk
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1920 x 1080