STK-ID 52954

Scenic shots of Rigaud. HALS overlooking country road (Saint Henri) sloping down Mount leading to farmlands below, two boys riding bicycles are visible through heat shimmers, ZOOM OUT to MLS (0:53). MS of bend in the calm Raquette River lined with dense foliage, ZOOM OUT to MLS, water is a pale green (1:41). LAMS of large white cross on roadside (0:16). MLS, PAN LEFT from mountain to WS of farmlands with highway in foreground, reverse shot (0:58). LS of cross at summit, ZOOM OUT over domed roof of chapel of the Lady of Lourdes Shrine, PAN RIGHT over town to WS of flat landscape, similar shot panning farther, Laurentian Mountains are visible in the distance with highway in foreground (1;08). WS of the Lac des Deux Montagnes with Mount Royal visible in the distance and highway in foreground, seen from high point in town, PAN LEFT of lake and Ottawa River (0:31). HAMWS of Ottawa River with corn fields in foreground (0:25). HAMWS of highway, ZOOM OUT and PAN RIGHT to MWS of mountain, MWS, PAN of dense forest on mountain (0:51).


Excerpt from
Le Mont Rigaud : une colline chez les hommes
Rigaud (town), Lac des Deux Montagnes, Ottawa River
National Film Board
Available formats
Digital Video Disk, DVCPRO25
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720 x 486