STK-ID 52980

Scenics of Mount Rigaud. LAS of autumn leaves falling from trees (1:44). MS of leaves falling to ground in young deciduous forest, ZOOM IN to MCS of deer in forest (1:21). MLS, PAN of edge of forest in autumn foliage, red and orange MLS of horses in pasture on edge of forest at foot of Rigaud Mountain, ZOOM OUT to MWS (1;27). LAS of geese flying in V formation in blue sky (0:12). MLS of forest in autumn foliage on mountain, PAN LEFT and ZOOM OUT to WS of mountain with pasture in foreground, MLS of farmhouse at foot of mountain (1:03). MLS of large flock on red-winged blackbirds flying over mountain (0:27). MS of deer crossing sign, ZOOM OUT to MLSs of country road lined with forest in autumn foliage (1:20).


Excerpt from
Le Mont Rigaud : une colline chez les hommes
Rigaud (town)
National Film Board
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DVCPRO25, Digital Video Disk
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720 x 486