STK-ID 53185

CS of brown-headed cowbird perched on rocks (0:31). MLS of maple grove on a sunny summer day, ZOOM IN to LAMCS red-tailed hawk chicks in nest in large tree, MS of adult with chicks in nest, it flies away, CSs of chicks, CSs of adult landing in nest then flying away (3:50).CS, CU of scarlet tanager perched in maple tree (0:36). CS of red-tailed hawk chicks in nest, MCS of adult arriving in nest with small prey, giving it to chick and flying away (0:30). ECU of adult hawk’s head (0:03). FOLLOW MS of red-tailed hawk with a small snake in its claws flying low over field (0:10). CSs, CUs of hawk on ground, feeding on prey that is not seen because it is behind a rock (2:04).


Excerpt from
Le Mont Rigaud : une colline chez les hommes
Rigaud (town)
National Film Board
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DVCPRO25, Digital Video Disk
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720 x 486