STK-ID 53547

HALS of large yellow excavator on site of Fording Coal open pit mine in Elk Valley seen from summit of mountain (0:17). HALS and MWS of mine building surrounded by black coal slag heaps (1:02). WS coal truck moving left to right in frame with buildings and roads in foreground, HALS of row of parked coal trucks, a pickup moves through frame at end of shot (1:08). Wide angle PAN SHOT right to left of coal min in valley (1:12). LS of roads and steps cut into mountainside of black coal (1:27). LS of mine vehicles and trailers on field of black coal (0:15). WS of strip mine in middle frame with mountain range in background (0:28). MWS of mountain peaks, TILT DOWN to reveal strip mine (0:25). EWS, ZOOM IN showing healthy mountains in background and strip mine in middle frame, MWS of strip mine in middle frame, ZOOM IN to LS of coal truck on slag road (1:20). HALS of mine building with concrete towers and inclined conveyor (0:36). HALS of coal truck moving left to right on slag road (1:17). WSs of valley and coal mine with fast ZOOM INS to mine building (0:53).


Excerpt from
Shining Mountains - DVD Set / Au coeur des Rocheuses - Ensemble DVD
Elk Valley
Shining Mountains
Available formats
HDCAM, Digital Video Disk
Shooting format
HDCAM 29.98fps
Aspect ratio
16/9, 4/3
Available resolutions
1920 x 1080