STK-ID 53602

HACS of very clear water in pond near of Johnson Canyon waterfalls (0:13). MCS of vegetation in cracks and ledges of rock face (0:37). LS of sharp mountain peak, nicely framed by fall trees in foreground (0:35). LAS looking straight up at tall poplar trees in fall colours with short PAN, great colours and sun peeking through (1:09). MLSs of stand of poplar trees, TILT UP to LAS looking up at treetops (2:12). MLS of sun peeking through stand of poplar trees (0:49). MS of stand of poplar trees, PAN LEFT to MWS of grey mountain peak with trees in fall colours in foreground, reverse shot (1:33). DOLLY SHOT moving along stand of tall poplar trees in fall colours with sun peeking through (1:06). MWSs, MLSs of reflection of mountain peaks in still lake with mountains in background (3:09). MCSs of female mallard duck foraging in lake (0:56).


Excerpt from
Shining Mountains - DVD Set / Au coeur des Rocheuses - Ensemble DVD
Shining Mountains
Available formats
HDCAM, Digital Video Disk
Shooting format
HDCAM 29.98fps
Aspect ratio
16/9, 4/3
Available resolutions
1920 x 1080