STK-ID 53889

Winter ascent of Mount Assiniboine. HAMLS, MSs of four mountaineers on skis trekking up snowy slope (1:16). MWS of mountain in snowfall with tiny figures of climbers visible at foot of north face (0:20). LS, MLSs of them trekking up snowy ridge (1:50). MLS of them putting their skies back on after crossing rocky terrain (0:29). TILT DOWN from sharp peaks to HALSs and MLSs of four climbers skiing down gentle slope (1:50). TILT DOWN from rock face to HALS of them trekking up snowy slope at foot of north face, reverse shot (0:42). HAMLS of climbers making progress on steeper, rockier terrain, ZOOM OUT to MWS of cloud-topped mountain, MLSs of mountaineers (1:32). MWS of glacier, ZOOM IN to LS of tiny figures climbing on north ridge route (0:44). MLS of them trekking up mixed rock and snow slope, LS of same at foot of north face (1:33). LAMWS of north face, ZOOM IN to LSs of tiny figures of climbers on north ridge route (0:58). MLS of lead climber on ledge, belaying ascent of second one moving up in snow in steep couloir, TILT UP to shots of other climbers higher up (0:59). Several LSs and WSs of mountaineers climbing up north face (2:03).


Excerpt from
Shining Mountains - DVD Set / Au coeur des Rocheuses - Ensemble DVD
Mount Assiniboine
Shining Mountains
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Digital Video Disk, HDCAM
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HDCAM 29.98fps
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4/3, 16/9
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1920 x 1080