STK-ID 54184

MLS, MS and CSs of an altar inside the Iskcon – Hare Krishna – temple, decorated with religious statues and offerings (1:08). MCS of worshippers, primarily women and children, praying before an altar, with PAN over the crowd inside the temple (0:19). MS of a priest clad in a pink sari distributing lassi, a white liquid cupped in the palm of his hand, to worshippers (0:17). CS of religious frescoes on a wall of the Iskcon temple (2 shots; 0:42). MLS of the prayer chamber, with worshippers walking around, and large porches opening onto an inner courtyard (2 shots; 0:46). MLS of temple seen from the inner courtyard, with large porches leading into the prayer chamber, and worshippers walking around (0:17). WIDE SHOT and MCS of domed towers on the temple roof (0:39). HAMCS of the temple’s inner courtyard, with worshippers walking around (0:11). MCS of three small domed towers decorating the temple roof (0:17). MS of a statue of Srila Prabhupada, founder of the Hare Krishna movement (0:09). MS and MCS of a crowd standing before the gates of the Iskcon temple; the gates open and a crowd enters (0:26). LAMCS of the domed towers on the temple roof (0:17). CS of a religious fresco on an arch; LAMCS of an elephant-headed sculpture at the apex of the arch; LAMCS through the arch and ironwork of the main gate, domed towers on the temple roof, with people entering the temple visible in the foreground (0:53). Krishna music issues from within the temple.


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Bollywood Bound
National Film Board
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DVCAM, Digital Video Disk
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720 x 486