STK-ID 54190

LAMCS of the balconies of a building, with long saris drying (0:18). MS of taxi passing the camera on a narrow Mumbai street (0:18). FOLLOW SHOT in car of small business storefronts (0:12). MS of two men pushing a cart heavily laden with bags down the middle of the street (0:15). TRAVELLING SHOT to a small temple, located on the median strip of a two-lane street, with a number of pedestrians walking in the street. (0:23). MS of traffic and pedestrians in a narrow Mumbai street (0:23). MS of a double-decker bus making its difficult way through the traffic on a narrow street (0:23). MS of the traffic on a narrow street, including shot of men pushing and pulling a cart laden with rolls of sheet metal (0:23). MS of a goat nibbling empty coconut shells on a table, in the middle of a street (0:13). Street scenes on a narrow street, with numerous trucks and taxis passing by, as well as people pulling merchandise-laden carts and pedestrians walking in the street (1:27).


Excerpt from
Bollywood Bound
National Film Board
Available formats
DVCAM, Digital Video Disk
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720 x 486