STK-ID 54247

WIDE ANGLE SHOT with ZOOM IN to MS of two sheet metal roofs in village of Gros-Morne, one roof topped with wooden cross, mountains visible in distance (0:27). VARIOUS HA SHOTS of activity on village street, trucks filled with people going by, pedestrians carrying things on their heads and bicyclists (2:28). WIDE ANGLE SHOT with PAN of surrounding hills (0:21). VARIOUS HA SHOTS of residential street, uncluding woman carrying basket on head (0:28). WIDE ANGLE SHOT of bus passing on street with ZOOM IN to MLS of refreshment stand set up in container (0:48). VARIOUS SHOTS of interior of refreshment stand, including three silent men looking at camera (0:38). VARIOUS SHOTS of bookstand set up beside street, including woman and man packing books in cardboard boxes (1:02). VARIOUS SHOTS of pedestrians in bookstand street, including children and woman carrying large straw bag on head (0:35). MLS following man leading donkey loaded with wood logs (0:29).


Excerpt from
Femmes et religieuses... Épouses de Dieu
National Film Board
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DVCPRO25, Digital Video Disk
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720 x 486