STK-ID 54249

Series of shots of Haitians making manioc (cassava) pancakes by hand. VARIOUS SHOTS of three men peeling manioc roots (tubers) in village of Gros-Morne (1:30). MLS of men washing manioc in construction vat containing water (0:34). VARIOUS SHOTS of man placing manioc in grinder to make white pulp which he catches in construction vat under machine (0:55). VARIOUS SHOTS of man putting white pulp in white bag into press on ground to extract toxic juice (1:57). VARIOUS SHOTS of two men lighting fire under large steel plate, including shots of people peeling manioc roots (1:15). MS of hands sifting manioc flour using sieve (0:14). MS of two men washing manioc roots in pails, including people peeling tubers and person lighting fire under steel plate (0:09). MS of women wiping pots of toucoupi, manioc juice detoxified by cooking (0:29). VARIOUS SHOTS of manioc (cassava) pancakes being cooked, including shots of women sifting flour (4:09).


Excerpt from
Femmes et religieuses... Épouses de Dieu
Gros-Morne (Haiti)
National Film Board
Available formats
DVCPRO25, Digital Video Disk
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720 x 486