STK-ID 54774

Visual of Cairo. Hazy LS of pyramid at Giza, barely visible through smog (0:09). HAMS from roof of clothesline in back yard of house, HAS of young lady carrying steel jug on her head walking in street, HAS of men loading donkey-drawn cart, HAS of women on roof cleaning wall, FOLLOW HASs of women walking in street carrying bread on a wooden rack on their head, MS of lady hauling up bucket on a rope up to second story balcony (1:58). MW PAN SHOTS of brownish city (2 shots), ESTABLISHING PAN SHOT of city with ZOOM IN to hazy LS of pyramids at Giza (2 shots; 2:27). MLS of top of minaret above rooftops, TILT DOWN to MWS looking down crowded street in marketplace, 2 shots plus a few static shots, MS of shop signs, TILT DOWN to shots of busy, crowded street (1:41).


Excerpt from
The Man Who Might Have Been: An Inquiry into the Life and Death of Herbert Norman
Cairo, Giza
National Film Board
Available formats
DVCPRO25, Reel 16 mm
Shooting format
Super 16mm color neg
Aspect ratio
Available resolutions
720 x 486