STK-ID 54849

Silent colour footage taken on December 30th, 1945 in Tokyo: WS of rubble of houses in amongst trees. MS of young girls picking through rubble of their house. WS of family working on their shanty. MSs of women washing vegetables at tap. MS of woman cooking in her doorway. TILT DOWN of two-story shanty home. MS of young woman coming out of shack recessed into the ground and washing her hands at a tap in front of the house. PANs of long line-up in the slum, CUs of people in the line-up (some of whom are wearing dust masks) including a soldier, a child, and a group of young women. CU of their feet, wearing wooden sandals.


Excerpt from
The Man Who Might Have Been: An Inquiry into the Life and Death of Herbert Norman
Tokyo (city)
National Film Board
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Shooting format
Betacam SP
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720 x 486