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Continued from Shot No. 55383 (Part 4/15 of speech): WAS of Prime Minister John Diefenbaker delivering speech to the United Nations Assembly on September 26, 1960. Transcript is as follows:"In the last few days the Assembly has heard from the leaders of its two most powerful members. I had great hopes when I learned that Mr. Krushchev was going to attend. I came here prepared to accept, to adopt and to agree with any good suggestion he might offer, for I am of those who believe that his suggestions must not be rejected out of hand. I have been disappointed. Mr. Krushchev, in a gigantic propaganda drama of destructive misrepresentation, launched a major offensive in the cold war. He gave lip service to the United Nations, which, in my opinion, would be destroyed by his proposal for a triumverate. That speech could not have been intended to bring the world closer to peace; yet, to bring the world closer to peace is the major reason we are here.I speak for Canada. We do not always agree with the United States, but our very existence-with one tenth of the population of the United States and possessing the resources that we do-is an effective answer to the propaganda that the United States has aggressive designs. I saw that to begin with President Eisenhower made a restrained, a wise and a conciliatory speech. He presented a constructive programme. He looked forward to a world community at peace. He opened the door to international conciliation and world fellowship. I am sorry to say that Mr. Krushchev tried to shut that door.This morning we heard from the Secretary General, the agent and trustee of this organization. I say at once that Canada rejects categorically the unjust and intemperate attacks that have been made on the office and person of this wholly-dedicated and impartial Secretary General. The proposal of the Soviet Union to replace the Secretary General with a three-man presidium requiring unanimous agreement to act is a transparent plan to undermine the prestige and authority of the United Nations. Having thwarted the United Nations so often through the exercise of the veto, it now seems bent on destroying the United Nations by neutralizing its power to proceed effectively and promptly in emergencies as they arise."Continued in Shot No. 55385.


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Diefenbaker's Speech at the United Nations
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