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Continued from Shot No. 8431 (Part 14/15 of speech): MCU of Prime Minister John Diefenbaker continuing his speech to the United Nations Assembly on September 26, 1960. Transcript is as follows: "Such a scheme would require the establishment of concerted machinery which would take into account established patterns of trade and marketing and coordinate the individual surplus disposal to improve the effective utilization of wheat. Finally, for some reason, we have never been able to secure agreement on the compulsory authority of the International Court of Justice-that is the judicial arm of the United Nations-in the strengthening of peace-keeping machinery. The compulsory jurisdiction of the International Court, in the opinion of the country I represent, is of paramount importance (applause). All members of the United Nations are automatically parties to the statute. Canada accepts the compulsory jurisdiction of the court excepting in matters of a domestic nature but does not itself decide what is of a domestic nature, but leaves it to the Court. I hope that the nations in this Organization will declare their readiness to accept the Court's compulsory jurisdiction so as to give sinew and muscle to the decisions that are made.Mr. President, I have spoken for Canada. We are, as I have said, a middle power, large enough to bear responsibility but not so large as to have traditions of national power or aspirations which arouse fears and suspicion. A North American nation, we have our deep roots in two European cultures-the British and the French-and also in the cultures of all the other races of men that have come to us. By the accident of geography and history we find ourselves squarely between the two greatest powers on earth. We have no fortresses facing either. We want to live at peace with our Northern neighbours, as we have lived so long at peace with our Southern neighbours. In a world passing though two great human experiences-the thrust of technology and the thrust of political and social change-new perspectives have been given for a better life. Must we admit that we cannot control these revolutions of science and society? Shall we rather harness them for the common good, do it now and prevent them from upsetting the all-too-fragile foundations on which peace rests today? That is our task. We hear voices that speak of victories for propaganda. We are not here in this Assembly to win wars of propaganda. We are here to win victories for peace. If I understand the thinking of the average man and woman today throughout the world, they have had enough of propaganda, of confusion and fears and doubts. They are asking us for the truth. We are not mustered here under the direction and domination of any nation. We are mustered not for any race or creed or ideology. We are here for the hosts of humanity everywhere in the world."Continued in Shot No. 55380.


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Diefenbaker's Speech at the United Nations
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