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Continued from Shot No. 8432 (Part 11/15 of speech): MWS of Prime Minister John Diefenbaker continuing his speech to the United Nations Assembly on September 26, 1960. Transcript is as follows:" end to the production of fissionable materials for weapons and the conversion of existing stocks for peaceful purposes. Canada over and over again has advocated an end to nuclear testing.I need hardly stress the significance of early agreement on measures like these carried out under appropriate verifications and inspection, for there can be no dissipation of fear unless there is control and inspection. Tremendous advances have been made in outer space. It will be too late a year from now. I hope that at this time consideration will be given to jurisdiction in outer space being assured for scientific and peaceful purposes only, so that all nations, great and small, will have equal rights. I believe, and Canada takes the stand, that no celestial body shall be considered as capable of appropriation by any state; that space vehicles shall be identified by a system of registration of launchings, call signs and other characteristics; that frequencies for communications with and among space vehicles shall be allocated on a rational and agreed basis.These tremendous problems require the consideration of the United Nations Committee on the peaceful uses of outer space-and that body to commence its work at once.I should like to say a word on the subject of aid and assistance. While the Chairman of the Council of Ministers dwelt at length on the evils of colonialism, he had very little to say about economic assistance to the less-developed countries of the world. I read no pledge to make increased contributions to the United Nations Programmes of economic and technical assistance. That was one view expressed by President Eisenhower. Mr. Krushchev asked simply for a declaration.There is an urgent need to increase the flow of international economic aid to the less-developed countries, and I think particularly of these newly independent states of Africa. I believe this. Through the United Nations the material resources for economic assistance must be greatly increased if the needs of Africa are to be met without impairing at the same time plans for assistance in other areas. We in Canada have taken one stand in this regard..."Continued in Shot No. 55381.


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Diefenbaker's Speech at the United Nations
New York (city)
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