STK-ID 55816

Battle of Ypres, first use of poison gas by the Germans: CUs of calendar showing April 17th-22nd, 1915. Various shots of Canadian soldiers in trenches at Ypres, one using a periscope. PAN of blasted no-man's land. Various shots of civilian refugees on the move with their belongings. LS of German trenches across no-man's land, MS of spike-helmeted German soldiers in their trench. Various shots of shells exploding near and far with large splashes of dirt. Staged sequence showing Germans preparing to launch mustard gas, Canadians firing from their trenches through the smoke. CU of map of front showing defeat of French colonial troops. Staged shots showing ensuing battle: Canadians firing at Germans, Canadians retreating with field gun in cluttered stage set, a machine gunner firing through the smoke, night shot of officer firing service revolver as shells explode in the background. Staged representation of the Canadians' charge through Kitchener's Wood. Inserts showing calendar dates: April 22nd-24th, 1915. Battle sequence showing German soldiers racing across no-man's land during gas attack. MS of Canadian soldiers coughing and choking from mustard gas, WS of retreat, CUs of fresh soldiers climbing to the parapets, firing, falling dead. CU of map of front showing Ypres and surrounding area, the withdrawal of Canadian forces to Festubert and Givenchy.


Excerpt from
Ypres (Leper)
National Film Board
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Reel 35 mm, Digital Video Disk, HDCAM SR
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35mm dupe neg b&w
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1920 x 1080