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Jean Drapeau's biography Drapeau in his office. René Lévesque and Claude Charron at the National Assembly, Malouf report on the cost of Olympic Games. Jean Drapeau walking with a cane, following a stoke in July 1982. Jean Drapeau re-elected in 1982, he climbs onto a platform. Opposition forum, Jean Doré. Municipal Action Group forum. People applaud Jean Doré, May 27 1984 after the by-elections, he enters City Hall. Drapeau before a blueprint, he announces construction of a mall and a concert hall at Cadillac-Fairview. Jean Drapeau and his blueprint of the MSO concert hall in 1985. Objects from the Ramses II exhibition Drapeau on the Great Wall of China in 1985, he signs an agreement with his Chinese counterpart to have a Chinese art exhibit in Montreal. Drapeau in 1985 after he fractures a vertabrae. June 27, 1985, Jean Drapeau cries as he announces his resignation from City Hall. Keywords: ARMY ,LAWYER,BIOGRAPHY,CADILLAC FAIRVIEW,DOWNTOWN,CHINA,CONSTRUCTION,OCTOBER CRISIS 1970,RESIGNATION,MUNICIPAL ELECTIONS,EXPO 67,EXHIBIT,MUNICIPAL PUBLIC SERVICE,CANADIAN ARMED FORCES,STRIKE,MUNICIPAL ACTION GROUP,HISTORY,CITY HALL,FIRE,OLYMPIC GAMES,SICKNESS,DEMONSTRATION,METRO,MONTREAL (CITY),NOMINATION,MSO,PEDESTRIAN,PLACE DES ARTS,POLICE,FIREFIGHTER,QUEBEC ,RCM MUNICIPAL PARTY,1980 REFERENDUM,INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS,INDEPENDENCE,MUCPS,OLYMPIC STADIUM,TRAM,UNESCO


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